8.1 Hypothesis Testing

The lesson I am revisiting is the introductory lesson on hypothesis testing for my Statistics class. This lesson took place over 3 days (1 collab period [44 minutes], and 2 block periods [105 minutes]). The goal of the lesson was to use a hypothesis test to determine if the correct probability of getting heads was given. I thought the best way to do this was for them to flip some unfair coins. The easiest way to make unfair coins is to bend them.

2013-03-03 15.40.22 2013-03-03 15.41.30

Digital Materials:

8.1 Hypothesis Testing Notebook Original PDF

Text Book: Chapter 8.1

8.1b Hypothesis testing unfair coins UDL

8.1 Coin Graphs

Chapter 8 Outline


Day 1:

Lecture on how hypothesis testing is used to make decisions on data.

Read Textbook 8.1 and do applying concepts and exercises.

Outcome: Students will be familiar with steps of hypothesis testing and vocab. Chapter Outline will be completed for section 8.1

Day 2:

Students will state Ho, H1, confidence interval, and α, flip coins, calculate probabilities, find the critical regions, and summarize their results. Everything will be recorded on the worksheet. This will be done for all 9 coins. Students are expected to collect data individually, but can work together on the process.

Day 3:

Student are randomly assigned a coin number and have to make a mini-poster showing their test. Poster must include all steps of the hypothesis test and a graph of the theoretical probability of the coin with critical regions highlighted.

At the end of the period we will discuss as a class why some people failed the coins even though most people did not and how that relates to α and confidence levels. Also need to find patterns in the graphs of each of the coins, and what effects the probability of each coin had.

Coin 4

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